The insignificance of being liked

by Parvez Sheik Fareed

The reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s pledge to donate 45 billion for charity is a perfect example of a constant pattern: If Zuckerberg doesn’t donate, he’s a greedy twat. If he donates, he’s a tax-optimising twat. If he donates to an independent charity, he’s a dumb twat for choosing the wrong charity.

If someone came up with a cure for cancer tomorrow, some fuckwit would criticise that it wasn’t cured the right way.

The point is: regardless of what you do or say, there are always critics waiting to fuck you over. It’s utterly useless to worry what people think of us and our actions. Making decisions based on this mindset is self-destructive and limiting. If it’s not you who’s given a free ticket to the golden shower party, it’s the other guy around the corner.

The alternative is to clap along with the conformists whose concern is to be liked and receive a badge of approval. Thanks to evolution for two middle fingers.