With jargon fuck all happens

by Parvez Sheik Fareed

There’s a whole legion of experts who thrive on meaningless language. These business clowns use fancy words to masquerade bullshit as facts. And people are afraid to ask the business clowns what they mean. They think admitting that they don’t understand is a sign of weakness. So they pretend to understand. After all, the business clowns seem to know what they’re talking about, so it must be completely logical to not understand what they say. But sounding smart and being smart isn’t the same thing. Because here’s where it backfires: the business clowns think they are providing a solution that changes something. But since the others didn’t get it nothing happens. And the ones who are impressed by the rubbish and buy into it, discover sooner or later that it’s just a smelly turd covered with gold sprinkles. These business clowns would fail horribly if they were forced to use plain language. They’d be sitting there with single letters but not one entire sentence. Einstein said “If you can’t explain it to an 11-year-old, you haven’t really understood it.” That’s why fuck all happens with jargon.