Rethought leadership

by Parvez Sheik Fareed

Dear Employees

The year 2015 is going to be a year of endless opportunities. It’s a year of change. I know it has been said the year before and the year before that. But this time it’s true because I had a dream when I was visiting my mistress.

We as one great organisation are ready for this change. Our previous achievements have clearly positioned us as the world’s best company in terms of everything:

The time we realised the times will be more difficult
The time I took up my new position as CFIO
The time we introduced SuperSquare
The time we initiated the next next big thing
My personal leadership diary
The time we created the Outernet

Unlike other companies which focus on thinking we will focus on rethinking. 2015 is all about rethinking. Rethinking the strategy. Rethinking the rethought strategy. Rethinking the rethought rethought strategy. But it’s also about rethinking email signatures. Rethinking the menus in the canteen. Rethinking the trousers we wear to work. Rethinking is like going in circles but in a positive way.

As your CFIO it is my duty to rethink by example. Hence I’m going to rethink this email and get back to you after my lunch break.

Best regards