Analysis v. thinking

by Parvez Sheik Fareed

The following joke nicely points out the difference between people who have the annoying habit to analyse every single detail but can’t figure out the real problem as opposed to those who will disregard the details and see through things.

Sherlock Holmes is out on Dartmoor with Dr Watson on a case and they’re camping. The next day they have to get up and look for clues to solve the case. At about 3 in the morning Dr Watson gets nudged awake by Sherlock Holmes. Holmes says to him: “Watson, Watson! Look at the stars. What can you deduce from the stars?”
Watson says: “Well, horologically I deduce it’s about 4 a.m. Meteorologically I deduce it’s a clear sky, so it will be good for our quest tomorrow. Astrologically I deduce the Cancer is in Leo which is a promising sign for our quest tomorrow. Astronomically I deduce there are an infinite numbers of stars. And theologically I deduce that there must be a God to make such a wonderful, great universe! Why, Holmes, what do you deduce?” And Holmes says: “Someone has stolen our tent.”