Q2 2013

by Parvez Sheik Fareed

We are approaching the end of Q2 hence we’re in the mood for some reflection. Almost half a year ago we founded the world’s most unknown agency and so far we are enjoying the ride with its ups and downs.

Below are two questions I often get.

Question #1: “What do you know about advertising?”

I don’t know much about advertising. And quite frankly I don’t need to know much about advertising.

The less I know about advertising the more I go through life like an average consumer.

The more I know the less I remain an uninterested consumer.

The consumers who are interested in advertising and marketing are usually people who are working in this field. But they are not the consumers I need to address. No one cares about advertising and no one is interested in advertising. Even I don’t like being interrupted by commercials when I’m watching TV. I want to watch the TV programme, I’m not interested in the commercials.

Question #2: “Are you the graphic designer?”

No, I’m not. I do have a box of crayons, though. I use them to write my shopping list on Saturdays and to colour my neighbour’s dog when he’s on holidays. [The neighbour being on holidays, not the dog]

Goodbye for now.