New strategy

by Parvez Sheik Fareed

I started this blog for two reasons:

  1. As opposed to the success stories in retrospect I wanted to provide an authentic depiction of what it’s like when you start your own company, in our case the world’s most unknown agency.
  2. I began to question the purpose of learning the sentence “Could I please have a cup of coffee instead of a cucumber?” in 50 different languages. So I decided to invest my time more wisely.

In the meanwhile I have come to the conclusion that our “daily” entrepreneurial challenges are simply not that interesting that they would allow some sort of weekly blogging regarding our business related endeavours. In agreement with the Group Executive Committee of the world’s  most unknown blog we therefore have adjusted our strategy. Now this change is exciting news, so you better hold tight. But first we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to our fictitious, stunning PA Samantha who was in charge of typing up our revelation after several hours of power point presentations. But enough talk, here’s the new strategy: Thou shalt write whatever thou want.

New strategy, new challenges.

I believe if there’s nothing to be said it’s best to remain silent. Saying something for the sake of saying something is witless. It is usually done by people who’d clone themselves if they could.

The challenge is to remain patient in an observing mode. And trust that in due course an idea will pop up, resulting in a new post.

Quality vs. continuity.

In my opinion quality is more important than continuity. Because at the end of the day quality stands out. Not continuity. If you focus on continuity it will become a routine. And routine is deadly for thinking. It makes your thinking lazy. Ticking the box.

Ever paid close attention to a boxing match? A proper boxer will remain patient, waiting for the right moment to jab. Quality. A sloppy boxer will not bother to wait, he will throw punches pretty much uncontrolled. Continuity.

The question is: who will make it on the long run?

Since I have nothing more to say for now I shall rest in silence.

Welcome to JABJAB.