Getting into the mind

by Parvez Sheik Fareed

At the Global HQ of the world’s most unknown agency we came across a great piece of news today that had us chuckling. The protagonist of this act: Sarah Palin aka Mrs Dumbstein.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook an article relating to Sarah Palin. I read the article and commented on my friend’s FB post: “LOL. Officially one of the dumbest fuckin’ persons on the planet. She should try stand-up comedy, after all her statements are very entertaining in some ways.”.

Then another guy replied whether I realised that the Daily Currant is a satirical newspaper. I didn’t. But I thought the facts in the article were real. And so did many others: the article has been shared on FB along with comments suggesting that everyone thought it was real.

What the Daily Currant did was nothing else but use Palin’s own image to support it in a new context. People know what Palin’s political stance is. Although it’s just a piss-take, it is based on true shit that was piled by Palin herself.

Now you could argue that the Daily Currant article doesn’t do justice to Sarah Palin. I disagree. I already had my image of Sarah Palin in my mind and I’m almost certain that even supporters of Palin might have thought that the facts in this article are real. Her image was mainly built up on statements she made in the past during the US presidential campaign 2008. Knowing now that the facts in the article aren’t real, doesn’t change the image you had in your mind prior to the story. You might even tell yourself “OK, it is fake, but it actually could have occurred this way”. Job done, mission accomplished.

After all, I still believe that Sarah Palin is officially one of the dumbest fuckin’ persons on the planet.

But what usually happens when people try to get into the heads of others: They point out why someone is wrong and try to convince them of  their own reality. Why the others should believe what they are told. This usually results in a never-ending debate. Try to convince me why I should favour product A over product B. Would you please kindly fuck off and let me enjoy my cup of coffee? But if you manage to get into my mind by rearranging what is in there so that I notice product A, that’s when I might ask you to join me for coffee.

That’s what I love about advertising. It’s about figuring out how people tick and rearrange in creative ways what is in the minds of people.