by Parvez Sheik Fareed

So, here I am, writing a post on what success is. Or is not. That’s the question I have been asking myself a couple of times over the last few weeks.

I’m an entrepreneur, but then again perhaps I’m not a successful entrepreneur. Why is that? Well, here’s the thing: I’m living off my savings right now, I don’t have a queue of customers lined up in need of marketing revolutionary ideas that could make them massive like Virgin, Apple or whatever big shiz is out there. Me and my partner in crime have founded our company almost two months ago, our very own agency. This is currently it. We are having one and a half customers at the moment. Another potential customer is on the hook. If we’re lucky we will have two and a half customers by the end of March. Then you read all the success stories of other entrepreneurs in books, on various blogs, how they built up their businesses and accomplished everything what they ever dreamed of. Obviously successfully. But I never came across a piece that actually covers the whole story as it happens, i.e. in the making. It was always in retrospect. So I decided  to flip it: I’m writing as we are where we currently are, in the making, as it is happening in this very moment (which is at the kitchen table right now) – or as it is not happening, depending on the perspective you may apply.

I have no clue where the hell this journey is going to end, I just hope and believe  it will end well. After all, I want a house on the beach, a private jet and mad parties with hot chicks. But that already is the wrong thought. Not the one with the hot chicks, obviously, neither the one with the house. I’m talking about the journey ending well. It will never end since life itself is a journey. I know, it sounds cheesy, “life is a journey”, but it is very true. The linear stuff only happens in movies. A happens, then B, then C, D didn’t go that well, but hey, E was a blast, then F came and so forth.


Y0u plan for A because your education and degree made you fit for purpose, you end up doing C, you realise that C wasn’t that great, how about J? Fuck yes, J is great, let’s do J, after a while you realise J isn’t that interesting anymore as you thought it was, it became too much of a routine. Let’s try B. Oh my God, I’d never thought that B would be so amazing and mind-blowing, I’ll actually stay with B forever. But then out of the blue came T, fuckin’ hell on earth, that was a knock-out and B went down the drain as well. I need a rest although I can see the opportunity W brings along with the risk that comes with it. Should I aim for W or should I opt for V? Let’s see what comes next. Life is organic, not linear.

So, what is success? It’s the result of what you do, that’s all. Same goes for failure. Failure is nothing else but negative success. You did something but you did it in a manner that was counter-productive hence its outcome didn’t benefit you.

Which values you attribute to success is subject to your own interpretation. The key is to actually see the little steps and value them. From time to time I visit our website. I read through it, then I think: we got a cool, fresh website. And I like it. And this is a success to me. Because it makes me feel good. And feeling good motivates. I’m going to bait another customer now. Maybe I’ll have three and a half customers by the end of March.